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Saturday, January 24, 2015

New year, Hopeful Renewed Start

I'm sure that my blog readership has dwindled down to near nothing. I take total blame for pushing my limited free time to other duties and interests.

Now that we are almost one month into a new year, I'm making a rare resolution to make some dedicated time to posting on the blog once again. Not only am I sure that some of my family and a few friends like to catch up, but personally I really love looking back here and seeing how the kids have grown, relive past experiences, and just remember.

Just as a forewarning, there are going to be several volleyball posts in the next few months. Courtney's club season started recently, and I'm going to post some photos from the tournament so we can share with her teammates easily.

Much love to my Apedaile6 people and looking forward to sharing our 2015 with you!

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