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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flying High

     One of the great things about having both a Mom and a Dad is as a kid you usually get to experience life in different ways. One parent can be more adventurous while the other is a homebody. While not always true, Mom's and Dad's interact with their children very differently. Perhaps a little more roughhousing with Dad and with Mom play that is more subdue.

     Case in point, the pool. When we go to the pool, I typically hang out with JT in the kiddie pool. I make sure he's having fun all the while trying my best to make sure he doesn't hit his head while he jumps off the  edge for the 20th time. Not to say the John isn't concerned about JT's safety, it's just more that I am Mother Hen of my flock. John, on the other hand loves to play with the girls and have JT jump to him in the big pool. We are the perfect balance :)

     Here are a few shots showing the fun JT gets to have with his Daddy at the pool.

I also had to capture it on video too!

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