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Thursday, July 7, 2011

He's So Vain

     Like most people, JT loves looking at himself. When we brush his teeth, he has a fun time talking to that cute reflection in the mirror. Lately, JT has come to realize that he can look at himself in photos I have on my phone anytime he'd like. Several times a day, when he sees my phone, he will say "tic-tures" JT? Now, when I get the real camera out, JT has started to ask to see the pictures as I take them, approaching the camera immediately.

     So I had a bit of fun with JT recently. On the camera I have a display screen that can flip out so the subject can see themselves. I decided to flip it out and snap some photos of JT admiring himself. It was quite comical to see the different expressions he did. Here is a small sample.

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