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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freshman Orientation

     The time has almost arrived for Sarah to leave to go to college. I'm sure to her it seems like it has taken such a long time to reach this milestone, while as parents John and I feel it came all too fast. This past weekend, Sarah and I headed up to Campbellsville University for her orientation, called LINC. If you were curious what LINC stands for it's- Learn in a new environment, Invest in your future, Navigate life change, and Connect to Campbellsville University.

 Sarah was sweet to entertain her Mom's request for a photo by the LINC banner. 

 During the weekend, we took care of several "to do" items, such as getting her PO Box assignment and key. I'm sure Sarah would love to get mail and care packages from anyone who would like to send her anything. Be sure to email me next month if you'd like her address!

 The all important room assignment!!! This is where Sarah will be living while at CU. It's called The Village on campus and it's apartment style living with 5 other room mates in a 3 bed, 3 bath home. Sarah requested the new Village building that should be completed before she moves in next month.
 A view of the courtyard of another Village building next to Sarah's. Tables and swings make for a great place to hang out, eat, or study.

 Sitting on the swing- there are lots of swings like this all over campus. I love it!

 Not too far away is the football stadium. It is a great looking field! I know Sarah will have a great time cheering on the Tigers this fall.

 We also walked around campus and found old markers/signs showing how long the university has been around.

 This is a massive tree on campus- you can't tell, but there is a huge deck built around the base of the tree that is lined with benches and gliders.

 Along the perimeter of the university, there are several quaint older houses that are used as offices for many of the departments. I thought it made the university feel very homey and looked beautiful.

 For one of our lunches, we were served pizza, so Sarah and I found a perfect place to dine! It was under a huge tree and it was nice to get out of the hot sun for a bit and just swing.

 The one photo where we are both in the picture together :)
We discovered this sign near the hotel I stayed at and I just had to get a picture of Sarah with it.

     Sarah also registered for her fall semester in which she signed up for 16 units. It is a lot, but she chose very wisely and she has a great balance of challenging courses along with a few "easy" ones, so it should be a good semester for her.

     We have a little over a month until we will drive back up and move Sarah into her dorm. Most of our focus will be on getting all of the needed items for her dorm- bedding, storage, some appliances, cleaning supplies, and quarters for laundry :) I'm sure it will fly by and soon I will be posting about dropping our baby girl off at college!

     If you wanted to look back at Sarah's first visit to the university, here is the link for that blog post

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