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Monday, August 16, 2010

Road Trip

This weekend John and the girls had a road trip! He wanted to spend some quality time with just them and to top it off John is working in Wisconsin all week, so it was perfect timing before he left.

John surprised the girls by buying some tickets to go see the Cincinnati Reds. This was their first MLB game, though Sarah went to a few Oakland A's games when she was less than a year old. They were all so excited to go to their first ball game with John and as a bonus they can check off Ohio as another state they have been to.
A road trip is a little more fun with a rental car- Kia Soul

After John and I planned their little trip, we realized it might be a good time to squeeze a college visit in for Sarah. There are several she is interested in that are in Kentucky, so since they were headed that way, it was ideal. John was able to schedule an official visit with Campbellsville University for late Saturday morning. This was also Sarah's first college tour, so exciting! Since I wasn't able to come along, Courtney and Lindsay were my official photographers while John and Sarah talked with DeMarcus, the advisor.

Campbellsville University was all Sarah has read about. She is very excited about this university and what it has to offer. For those of you unfamiliar with this university, it is in Campbellsville,Ky which is about 2.5 hours north of us. It is a small private university of about 3,000 students and is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention which is the same as the church we are members at. You don't have to be SB to attend, but it gives a foundation of Christ that Sarah and we are excited about. We still have a lot of information to read through and discuss, but we know for sure that Campbellsville is still on our favorite's list! It's with prayer that we know that God will direct Sarah, John, and I to find the right place for Sarah's college education. It will be an exciting year and we journey through this discovery, but we are so excited to what the future holds for Sarah.
Ariel shot of the campus taken from their website
Pretty fountain outside the dining hall
One of the two Dining Halls
They even have their own Barnes & Noble!
All of the expensive books we get to buy next year!
The chapel at school
Inside the chapel

Inside a classroom ratio is 12:1 overall
Student Rec Building
DeMarcus, Campbellsville alum and now advisor to students. They were standing on a spot that was the center of KY.
Campbellsville, founded in 1906
This is a tree Sarah thought was so pretty in the middle of campus
Will Sarah be studying in this spot next year?

After the trip to Campbellsville, the crew headed off to Cincinnati for some baseball fun. I wasn't there, so I can't add a lot of information about how great it was. All of the girls said this was the highlight of their day. The Reds won their game over the Marlins 5-4!After the game, John drove home and they all made it safely home around 1:30 am. It was a very long, fun day!

Our three fans!
The stadium is right next to the Ohio River.

Beautiful Sunset

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