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Monday, August 23, 2010


 This weekend we went to the Saturday evening worship services at church. It just started a few weeks ago and it gives us greater flexibility for John and I to find an adult Small Group class and the evening worship has some additional features the Sunday morning services don't.

       We had a great time at Long Hollow and we had arrived at home close to sunset. It was a particularly beautiful sunset with a lot of great colors, clouds, and the suns rays piercing from behind. A true work by God. One thing that struck me was the effect it was having on the eastern sky. It almost looked like a sunrise, with how the suns rays were shining through the clouds. So when we arrived home, I took a few shots on my phone because I wanted to capture it at that moment, you know how quickly it can change when the sun is setting. I got a few, not nearly as beautiful as in person, but I hope you get the impression.

       Just as I took the picture, I begin to walk inside as Courtney is helping JT get inside. A bit of a challenge since this kid wants to be outside any time you will let him. As Courtney calls out for JT "lets go inside", JT knows he needs to make a mad dash and begins to "run". With that, he caught his shoe on the concrete and SMACK! Face first into the cement driveway. The first thing I worry about is teeth. For those of you who don't know, both Sarah and Lindsay had accidents when they were 18-20 months and as result, each had to have 1(Sarah) and 3(Lindsay) front baby teeth pulled, and get little fake teeth because of the damage of their falls. Needless to say the mouth is an area both John and I are very sensitive to when falls occur.

       I pick up JT and I notice blood right away. Oh no! Thankfully it was coming from his nose and not is mouth. After we get him inside and begin to wash him up, we find he scraped his nose fairly well. It was bleeding quite a bit from a deeper scratch down the center and then some more on the side. JT was not enjoying how we had to apply some pressure and keep the washcloth on his nose for several minutes to stop the bleeding. It wasn't until after we ate and I was cleaning him up again, that I noticed that he had some other scratches on his upper forehead as well! I guess his face acted as the brakes in this fall!

       His nose looked bad but not too bad, so we call it a night. The next morning when we all wake up, we discover a little Rudolph in JT's crib! His nose looked so red, like he had burned it really bad. It made my heart hurt to see that. Then over the course of the day, it appeared to get more and more red. I think it was simply the nose beginning to heal and form the scab over his nose that we now see. I think our little Rudolph will be here for a while. Too bad he didn't bring cooler weather :)

On Sunday afternoon.

Later Sunday afternoon, getting more red.
My poor little Rudolph!!!
This afternoon (Monday)
Poor little guy!

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