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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Odds and Ends

I wanted to end the month of August strong with a final post for the month. This has been my "best" blogging month so far, that is, the highest amount of posts for this month than any other month since I started in the spring of '09. I do enjoy blogging since I know this is one of the easiest ways for Nanny, Grandma C., Aunt Cathy, and other loved ones to stay up to date on the random happenings of our family. There are frequent times when we are doing something or if one of the kids are doing something, I start to think up of a blog post right there! I imagine these blog postings are as much for me as they are for our family. It's kind of a journal of our family life at a glance. I love it!

Anyhow... back to today, odds and ends. I do have another post in the making, but JT wouldn't cooperate and perform for the camera so this will take its place until I capture it hopefully soon.

The past few days, JT has been waking up before his sisters leave for school. That is pretty early around here- between 6:45-7 am. Thankfully I am ready to go for the day before he wakes up that early, but his sisters do enjoy seeing their baby brother before they start their day. Here is a shot I took when JT rode his stroller down the driveway to our bus stop. Courtney and Lindsay like riding the bus to school some mornings to see some of their bus friends. They almost always have the option of having Sarah drop them off, but I guess friends are winning out for now.

This is another shot of showing the results of waking up early and playing all morning. One tired boy! Most of the time, JT curls up on his tummy or side but every now and then he just flops out on his back. I picture that JT is so tired that he just passes out when I lay him down. Notice all of his blankets,his "taggie- that is a little blanket with edging of loops of fabric of different textures, his Woody, and a lemur that he borrowed from Courtney. I think he was comfortable!

Lastly, these pictures are of our almost teenager Lindsay. This weekend she wanted to try curling her hair for church. This was the beautiful result- good because she looks gorgeous and bad because, well she's gorgeous! Just imagining the looks she might be getting in the near future, sigh...

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