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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Little Climber

This week JT became the master climber. As you remember a short while ago, JT was able to climb up on to "John's chair" this chair is the lowest of the furniture, so we were pretty safe. That was until this week. It so happened that John was in Wisconsin all week for work, so I was able to enjoy the benefits of being active keeping JT safe as he climbed every piece of furniture in our living and dining areas.

It happened about mid week, I'm not sure if JT either grew that extra little bit to make him tall enough or if it was his sheer determination to get on top of the love seat, the couch, "my" chair, and the dining chairs. Either way, he figured it out and there is no safety in leaving him unattended until he appreciates the danger in acting like a wild man on high surfaces or when he knows that couches are for sitting and not flinging our little bodies on :)

The first time I discovered JT's new ability was after I had finished feeding Noelle, a sweet little girl I babysit during the week. I was taking the food and high chair tray out to the kitchen and when I returned, I found this...

Once I saw JT was safe for the moment and just visiting with Noelle, I knew I could use my phone camera to snap this occasion. Even Noelle looked shocked...

Then, I think JT realized that he wasn't supposed to be on the chair and he tried to make a quick escape.

JT is keeping us all on our toes and I still am amazed that my little 14 month old is climbing up on to things. I'm wondering what next month holds....

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