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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day in the life....

We have a busy, busy boy! One of the only ways I'm able to get my work done around the house and important stuff like blogging is when JT is either napping or sleeping for the night. I'm sure many fellow Mommy's can agree or remember when the baby is sleeping its like the quiet before the storm. We gear up and prepare for the next round and also try to catch our breath for a moment! Heck we might even get a uninterrupted phone call in! It's all worth the hard work and effort when your baby greets you with that sweet smile or your little one says Good Morning Mommy!

Here is more of  photo montage of more or less a day in the life of JT. Thankfully these are not from one single day, but it gives a great view into our world as we know it...

JT might start the day off with some toast
or a donut( this was his 1st and only so far in his life)
Then we have some energy to burn... hmm lets climb on our exersaucer
See Mom I was actually going to climb into it- I was actually helping you out!
Then sweet moments..hugging Lindsay's Red Teddy
On Sunday we get to ride the bus to church when we park at the high school
Some days I love to help Mom vacuum
Mom took me to this awesome place called the library, they have toys for me to play with
and they also have wooden trains to push around
but the best part of all is all the BOOKS!
Then I might come home, have a snack and watch a few songs with Barney
Every now and then my sisters love dressing me up. Here is my rocker/biker look
I always keep my parents busy. I discovered I LOVE pulling clothes and blankets out of drawers!
Then after all that work, I need to rest and have some milk or water. I'm hanging out with my "taggie"
Then when I'm rested, off to climb up on more things like my huge diaper box.
A late afternoon snack of yummy toes....
Washed down with cold milk
Its been a long day! Time to recharge.
Mom loves when I do sweet stuff like hold my crib railing when I sleep.

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