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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Father and Son

On Sunday my men looked so handsome! I dressed JT in his little red polo and tan shorts. He also wore some adorable little Sperry like shoe that we bought from a consignment sale over a year ago. When JT showed his "look" to Daddy, he said that he would wear his red polo to match! So whoever saw us at church Sunday, that was not my doing, it was John!

I took a few pictures of my handsome crew, but to get JT looking up at the camera with a semi smile at the same time as John is very difficult to do, especially when we should be loading into the van to get to church. I did also take a few pics of my boys walking hand in hand on the way into church- extra sweet!

When I was looking at the pictures it reminded me of one of JT's favorite books- Father and Son. This is one of the books JT has received under Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. This is a program that gives FREE monthly books away from birth to age 5. I believe that it primarily is for Tennessee residents, but I believe that it is expanding across the country. Click here to learn more information and sign your child up

Father and Son was JT's May book and it quickly became a favorite. He loves the illustrations and the poetic,rhyming style in which it is written captures his attention. We read this book, along with several others every day. When I was looking at the pictures later in the day, it made me think of this book. Here is a few pictures from Father and Son along with the real version at the Apedaile house.

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