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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The German in him

I'm not sure of how the German language sounds exactly, but in my little mind I imagine it to be more "throaty" than the English language. Among the several cultures JT has in his background, German comes from both John and I. In the past week or two, JT has begun to say many more "words" in his developing speech. There have been times where we have been astounded like when John offered JT a banana for a snack and JT responded "NaNa" clear as day. He also has been forming the beginning of the words book,ball, and trash among others.

The reason for this post is to demonstrate JT's ability to say trash in his German/English baby talk. For some reason this boy loves to put things in the trash (and on occasion pull things out of the trash, but that is for another post) I have wanted to get this on video because as soon as they say or do something, it can quickly vanish to learn new things or they master how to do it right. Also at the end look at how he takes off running because his little bottom is naked, throwing away his diaper in the video, trying to escape because he knows Mommy is right behind him with a clean diaper to cover him up!

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