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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Music to my Ears

We have a new musician in the house- Miss Courtney Apedaile. This year Courtney joined the band at her middle school. She decided to play the clarinet and we picked up her instrument last night. She was very excited to get to school today because that is when her teachers were going to start teaching the students- all 58 6th graders- how to play. God Bless these teachers, because I don't know how they have the ability to teach that large of a group.

Courtney just arrived home a few minutes ago and she was so excited- she learned how to play 1 note, G! They also taught the students how to properly assemble their instruments, that is why she only knows one note.  Courtney promptly assembled her clarinet, posed for some photos, and played a bit for us. She did play more than her "G", but who can resist making some music?

Enjoy the first sounds of our musician, Courtney!

This is Concert Position

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