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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Fit for a Princess

Yesterday was Courtney's 11th birthday. It was also the last day of summer break. Courtney had a day filled with fun and surprises fit for a princess.

Since both John and I both were working, Sarah decided that she wanted to do something special and surprise Courtney (and Lindsay). The free summer movie festival had one more day of free movies. So the girls got glammed up in pretty dresses- Courtney had a tiara for her birthday and headed out. After this movie is where Sarah's surprise plan took action.* A side note here just to note how once again I must say how blessed we are to have such a great firstborn. Sarah worked through the summer doing regular babysitting jobs and all of this was from her, planned by her, and using her money. Pretty selfless for a 17 year old I must say.*

Sarah took the girls to Taco Bell- their favorite fast food- for some yummy tacos, burritos, and nachos. They took this on the road to their next destination. At this point Sarah blindfolded Courtney as to add to the  suspense. For her gift, she took her sisters to see Charlie St. Cloud, the new Zac Efron movie. Courtney was so surprised and excited to see this movie! All the girls had a great princess day together!

Later in the evening, we opened up a few gifts. Nanny was especially clever/tricky with her present this year. I recorded it for her because I know she wanted to see Courtney's reaction. It took her a few moments to figure out exactly what the gift was and even then we had to explain it to her a bit :) Posting the video here for you Mom. I also am going to post Courtney opening our gift because we were all cracking up at JT in the background being so silly or trying to steal the spotlight.

After getting everything together for school, we had cake and ice cream that Courtney selected. I was a bad Mom and totally forgot to buy another "1" candle for her 11. I had saved JT's from a few months ago. So Courtney was such a sweetie and graciously blew out her 1 candle :) Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

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