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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Self Feeding

     Each and every day, JT is learning new things and getting better at the skills that are new. This past month, JT has really done quite well at self feeding with his spoon/fork. It's a tough skill because using your hands is so much easier and I imagine more fun since you get messy.

     This morning, JT was having a bowl of oatmeal- Maple and Brown Sugar- a boy after his Mom's heart. I do add Malt O Meal for added iron, since the adult flavored version is pretty low. I guess I'm corrupting JT to like flavored oatmeal rather than plain, but he loves it and so do I :) Here is a video showing JT's mad skills with the spoon.

The end result is just as messy- he had fun putting his cup in the oatmeal

Somehow oatmeal ended up in his hair and on his face

A work in progress, but so happy with his accomplishments!

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