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Thursday, February 21, 2013

All numbed up

     The girls had a 4 day weekend thanks to Presidents Day and a teacher in-service training day. How do I have fun with my girls? I schedule a dentist appointment for Courtney to have 2 fillings done! I'm the best Mom, aren't I?  It had been a very long time since Courtney had a filling, in fact this was her first one on her adult teeth. Happy for that last part and hopefully this will be her last fillings for some time. I decided to have a bit of fun with her after her appt.

Waiting with butterflies in her tummy. Nervous for the unknown since she didn't really have any memories of what to expect.

Courtney decided to play with my camera while I checked her in. I figured  I'd share my goofy girl. Good reference for how her face looked prior.

Chubby baby cheeks are back again! Courtney had 2 filling on her upper teeth (both sides). The Novocaine made for some rounded cheeks.

Trying to puff up her cheeks. She couldn't make correct lips to hold in the air.

Trying to whistle. No such luck.

All of this made us both laugh and even that made us laugh even more!

Courtney's self portrait. No she's not in pain, she was smiling. The Novocaine wore off in a few hours and Courtney's normal, beautiful expressions are back just the way we remembered.

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