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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Introducing Wallace

     We have a new family member in the Apedaile6 house- Wallace the hedgehog! Lindsay got him a few weeks ago from her friend, Annie. Annie's family had Wallace for several months, but due to various circumstances, they couldn't give him the attention they knew he needed. Annie's family knew what a big hedgehog lover Lindsay was and offered him to her

Lindsay on the night she brought Wallace home.

Wallace is an African hedgehog, a common breed for pets according to Lindsay. He is 7 months old.

He gets an oatmeal bath about every week in our sink. He's not a big fan of them yet, but he lets Lindsay scrub his quills with his bathing toothbrush.

He is a cute little guy and perfect for our house as hedgehogs are hypoallergenic. JT's doctors had told us a long time ago to not have any cats or dogs with the issues he had with his ears, nose, and upper respiratory systems early in his life. We are looking forward to having fun with Wallace.

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  1. Awww, now I want one too! The hubs says we're going to one up you and get us a porcupine!