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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hearts Big & Small

     With the other heart art project being somewhat of a bust shape wise, I thought we would give it another try. Foolproof way to make sure the hearts look like hearts-cookie cutters!

 Lots of fun possibilities with these various hearts along with some red and pink paint.

 Ella and Mason took right off with stamping their hearts.

 Mason liked to stamp one heart several times in one area.

 Ella really loved using the small heart.

 After a bit, they switched colors.

 Time for the big boys to stamp!

 The ultimate tongue sticking out with a twist! What a talented boy!

What I loved hearing both JT and Finn say while they were using different size hearts was how they noted size and placement of the hearts on the page. "I'm putting the small heart inside the big one." and "I'm stamping the large heart on the edge." They are both growing up and it's a joy to see their understanding expand on a daily basis.

 This one picture describes how this art project went- messy! Not sure why, as we do several things with paint, but all 4 kids decided today was the perfect day to use their shirts as napkins. Their shirts were covered in red and pink paint. Painting smocks are on my short list to make out of old T-Shirts to prevent that from happening again.

 Ella's hearts

 Finn's hearts

Mason's hearts

JT's hearts

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