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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marshmallow Snowmen

     It's been a busy past few weeks at the Apedaile6 house- sorry for the lag in posting. I'm hoping to jump back into things and catch up. Thanks for being patient and to my friend Ravi who gave me some encouraging words to get back to blogging.

     With winter in full swing, I thought it was time to make some crafts that were fitting for the season. Snowmen! While we have yet to get any accumulating snowfall here in middle Tennessee, I found a fun and creative way for the kids to make some snowmen.

All the supplies- paper, glue, bowl of mini marshmallows, and some black puffy paint.

 I started by prepping the papers with 3 circles that I outlined with glue.

 Ella was ready to jump right into placing the marshmallows all over the circles.

 Mason and Ella had a great time grabbing handfuls of the marshmallows.

 JT and Finn decided their friends needed a bit of help in placing the marshmallows on the glue.

 JT and Finn starting on their snowmen. Finn thought the middle circle was the best place to start while JT worked on the lower circle.

 To be expected, this little craft was a perfect snack. Many of the marshmallows ended up in the kids mouths as they were being placed on the paper.

 After the snowmen were complete, the big boys had a chance to draw a hat and face for their snowmen. Of course, JT had to work very hard and his tongue had to pop up.

 Making the snowman's face.

 Mason and his completed snowman.

 Ella's creation.

 Finn's piece of art.

JT's snowman.

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