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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Waited 18 years to use

     This year has been an exciting time for those of us that are 49er fans. This coming Sunday, they will be facing the Ravens in the Super Bowl!!! Needless to say, John is beyond thrilled and proudly hoisted our 49er flag outside our home after the team won the Championship game a few weeks ago.

     Another fun thing that we are bringing out in celebration of the 49ers being in the Super Bowl is a special party pack that has been accumulating dust for almost 20 years! The last time San Francisco was in the Super Bowl was in 1995 when they defeated the San Diego Chargers.

     If memory serves me correctly, John's Mom bought this little football party pack of 49er items shortly after the Super Bowl. John, wanting to use the items in the best manner, said that he wanted to hold off using them until they were back in the Super Bowl again. Never did we imagine that it would be 18 years until they could be used! I guess this shows our family isn't fair weather sports fans. We stick with our teams through thick and thin.

The 49er party pack- plates, cups, and napkins still wrapped up.

Along with a very mashed up football serving tray. This item has moved several times and survived the trek from California to Tennessee. Glad we still have this pack as all we can find in the local stores is Titans gear.

His face might not exude how happy he is, but I assure you John is SO excited that the 49ers are back in the Super Bowl. Looking forward to the big game this Sunday. Go Niners!!!

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