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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Sugar Cookies

     Another Christmas Eve tradition we have is to make cut out sugar cookies. The kids and I set out early in the day to make the cookies so we could decorate them later that evening.

 By this time, we had made the dough and were ready to start rolling it out

 Courtney showing JT how to roll out the cookie dough.

 JT rolling it out.

 He's my little chef. Anytime I'm in the kitchen, he loves to put on one of my aprons, pull out his step stool, and help me out.

 So focused.

Sprinkle a bit of flour on the surface.

 Time to cut out the cookies!

 Lindsay had a bit too much fun with the flour.

 We also made cookies out of funfetti cake mix. They were yummy, but they were a bit over baked for the 1st batch. Will be trying it again soon.

 Later that night, we got everything out to decorate the cookies.

 JT had a blast decorating! He loved using all the sugar sprinkles and referred to them as sparkles. So cute!

 Courtney focused on her cookie.

 A present!

 Lindsay's adorable Santa.

 A perfectly decorated tree.

 JT's stocking.

 Sarah's ornament.

 John's candy cane.

Our collection of cookies! We discovered that JT has a great love for these cookies and devoured many of these yummy cookies.

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