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Monday, January 21, 2013

Stairs Slide

     After being a Mom of just girls for most of my parenting years, I am discovering new things every week thanks to being a Mom of a little boy. While there are some similarities of course, but there are things JT does that the girls simply never did.

     Today's post is a small example of this. Last week JT called out for me to watch him come down the stairs. This is what I was greeted by-

     Nothing extreme thankfully (yet), but just how a 3 year old boy will think- "I think I need to slide down these stairs on my belly." amazes me. The girls never had the opportunity to come up with this, as we have never lived in a 2 story home up until two years ago, but I wonder if they ever would have at this age. I know that they never tried to jump from furniture piece to another furniture piece like he was participating in Parkour. What is Parkour? Watch this hilarious video from The Office. I haven't been able to catch moments like that on video yet, but it does happen.

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