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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wagon Wheels a-Rollin'

     Way back in mid December, Lindsay had her first high school play performance. For one of her electives, she took Theater 1 this fall. As part of the requirements of the class, each Theater class puts on a performance. Lindsay's class was performing Wagon Wheels a-Rollin' a western type play with quite a bit of humor mixed in.

Lindsay played Lullaby- a medium role according to her.

 Part of Lindsay's "crew" hanging out on the rock discussing the days events.

 They spotted a shooting star!

 Lullaby making a wish on the star.

 While the wish was being said, the bad guys creeped in!

 Lullaby was beside herself with emotion being overtaken by armed bad guys.

 After her crew was saved, one of the final scenes with most of the cast on stage.

 Lindsay's great acting skills showing shock at the vision of the shooting!

 Well done Lullaby! Take a bow.

 Lindsay and her friend, Alyssa, after the show.

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