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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Father/Son Date

     After the girls and I enjoyed out night out, it was time for John and JT to have some fun. Their night involved a lot of dirt, noise, and big tires.

Before the big night, JT received a bit of a clue for his night in the mail. He would need a pair of strong ear protectors. Thankfully, he liked them right away and didn't want to pull them off.

Boys night out at Monster Jam!!!

At Bridgestone Arena, they converted the floor into a mini dirt track for the Monster Trucks.

Blue Thunder

Iron Man

JT cheering on his favorite trucks.

Midway through the Monster Jam, they had a  short dirt bike show. This guy here is catching some major air!

My 2 favorite guys having a great time!


El Torro Loco

Grave Digger

Trucks getting big air!

Some of JT's expressions

     Both John and JT had a wonderful time at Monster Jam. JT talks about it nearly every day nearly 2 weeks after the event. His love for Monster trucks is just grown even larger/stronger. I'm wondering if his 4th birthday is going to be another Monster Truck party at this rate?

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