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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nursing School

     The spring semester for all the Apedaile girls started late last week. All of them have either a completely new batch of classes, or for Courtney a few new elective classes sprinkled in the mix. For Sarah, a new chapter begins- she started nursing school!

      Last year, she told John and I that she felt that she had found her calling in life- to pursue a career in nursing. She diligently worked hard and fast to gain acceptance to the nursing program with her first application this fall. Sarah is nervous, yet very excited to start the program.

     The nursing program is 2 years long at Campbellsville University. At the end of that time, Sarah, upon successful passing of board exams or the like, will be a Registered Nurse. Time and work in her program will reveal the area(s) of specialty/interest Sarah would like to work in. Though being a RN is fantastic, Sarah's goals aren't stopping there. She already plans to continue her education with the BSN program, which although is "just" a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, in actually is more like the equivalent of a Masters Degree for most areas of study with you consider the class hours and requirements for the nursing department. I love and respect the drive and ambition Sarah has for her life.

     Talking to other nursing majors, Sarah has informed me that her social life will now be over for the next 2 years. Much of her time will be dedicated to learning, studying,eating, and breathing all things nursing. So if you can, please keep Sarah in your thoughts and prayers over these next 2 years and beyond. Maybe send her a word of encouragement or love through text, email, FB, or even snail mail. College students LOVE to get real mail from friends and family. Praying for you Sarah on achieving your dream of becoming a nurse.

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