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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Paper roll hearts

     Love is in the air at the Apedaile6 house as we prepare for Valentine's Day. Last week, I found a new and fun art project to do with the kids. Just take an empty toilet paper roll and pinch it in the center.The result is a heart like shaped tube.  I personally thought after they made their artwork, the hearts also resembled a boomerang a bit. Perfect for little hands to stamp to their hearts delight!

 Ella had a great time dipping and placing her red and pink hearts all over the page.

 JT and Finn started off with one color. After they thought they were ready for the other color, the boys would declare, "Switch!" This went back and forth several times.

 No art post would be complete until JT sticks his tongue out while working.

 Finn had a great time stamping his heart out.

 Ella's hearts

 Finn's hearts

JT's hearts

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