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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apple Trees

     It's apple picking time! Not only do we get beautiful weather and fall colors, we can also go pick apples right off the tree. That is an activity I hope to squeeze into this season with the family. So many things to do during my favorite time of year!

Since we can't get to the local orchard during the week, we incorporated it into our art time. Fluffy green tree tops, some paint, and paper were all we needed.

I let each of the children paint their own tree trunk.

Ella had a BIG tree!

Sam joined us for this activity. He did very well painting his trunk.

 Time to place the tops of our trees! JT went to work very quickly  with his "pat pats" judging by this photo.

Then, I placed some red paint on a paper plate and let the apples be created with finger prints.

JT also thought he would paint some apples falling off the tree.

Sam and Ella painting their apples. Sam kept saying "Oh!" as he painted.

It was near impossible to get all 4 to look at me at the same time for a photo. I love how unique each of their trees turned out.

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