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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Salt dough pumpkins

     One of the best things in having older sisters who love getting creative and crafty is that JT gets to do some really fun activities. Recently, Lindsay made some salt dough and she and JT made some seasonal items.

What is more seasonal than pumpkins? 

 JT's pumpkin that he made and was now ready to paint. JT had the lesson of patience in waiting for his dough to cool down enough to paint. "Is it ready now Mom?" was a question I heard about every 3 minutes until the dough was cool.

Paint time!

Perfectly orange pumpkin.

JT selected a forest green paint for his stem.

After the paint dried for a bit, it was time to paint a face. I helped outline the eyes and nose per JT's request.

Great job of staying inside the lines!

JT made the mouth all by himself.

A very happy pumpkin! 

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