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Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Party

     A few weekends ago I hosted a little gathering for the 8th grade girls I help to teach on Sunday mornings. The weather was beautiful and with it being prime Fall Time, we made our party a pumpkin decorating party!

First things first- food! I grilled some hot dogs and  many other goodies to stuff our faces with.

After we ate, it was time to get decorating. This was a perfect outdoor activity since there was painting involved.

Many of the girls looked at Pinterest for some inspiration for their pumpkins.

The Apedaile kids were of course invited as well and JT went quickly to work.

Courtney started out painting her large pumpkin a beautiful turquoise.

Erin getting started with some monster like green paint.

Abbey was inspired with some polka dots.

Danielle painted her pumpkin a deep purple.

Kaite brought two pumpkins and decided to start with her white gourd.

My co-teacher, Flo, decided to help teach JT how to throw a frisbee. He had a great time with Flo!

The Apedaile crew still at work. 

After JT coated his pumpkin with just about every color avaiable, he decided he wanted to place a hand print on it. Lindsay helped assist JT in making a "Cast Away" Wilson like print.

No craft is complete without a big mess from this guy!

The finished results! I made a simple ribbon design by hot gluing fall themed ribbons around my pumpkin.All of the girls showed their creativity and we all had a great time!

Courtney's "C", Lindsay's Owl, and JT's "Wilson" with his signature JT 4.

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