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Monday, October 21, 2013

JT "No Hands" Apedaile

     My blogging time has been seriously impacted by a crazier than normal routine this school year. Up until a week ago, there were 4 sports being played by the 3 children at home! Also through God's funny sense of humor all 4 of those sports played/practiced every Thursday night, in addition to other days of the week where 1/2 sports had commitments. Combine that with a husband that is in high travel season, and you get a Mom who can take lots of photos, but not upload or write about them.

     We are now down to 2 sports for 2 kids and  the evenings are opening up. Not sure what I will do with all the extra time ;) For now, I will catch you up a bit on JT's soccer season. This post is about a month late, but it's all about the growth he's making this season I need to capture.

 Week Two brought more heat and a headband for our sweaty boy.

 What do 4 year old soccer players do before the game? Hit trees with sticks of course!

 Love this sweet face!

 Hands in... "Go Tigers!!!!"

Here is where the explanation of this post come in. This was a thankfully brief nickname I came up for JT after a couple of rough games (in this Mommy's eyes). While I love how aggressive and passionate JT is with just about everything, soccer came with a bit of a learning curve. 
In effort to get to the ball combined with the first year skill set (and being 4), made for a very hands on approach from JT. For two games JT was a bit grabby, push/pull, fight to get to the head of the pack mentality.

 Soccer is a physical game for sure.

 Thankfully he didn't have to use his hands in every situation.

 It didn't matter if he was near the ball or not sometimes.

 Go JT go!

 This next game during week 3 proved to be the most challenging week for hands.

 It didn't matter that it was a team mate, JT was grabbing jerseys to help maneuver around.

If  JT was going down, so was his opponent.

 This little boy was a tough match against JT.

I was pretty mortified with how many players JT was taking down that day. I kept yelling out to JT, "Dont use your hands, JT! No hands!!! No hands!!!" I was hoping that any parent associated with a "fallen" player would know I wasn't secretly coaching my child to take no prisoners and score above all else. 

JT ended up taking a bit of a break on the sidelines because he was so grab happy. After a pep talk from myself and the coach JT went back in the game and did much better!

 JT came back into the game and headed straight for the net.


 It was so sweet that the first place JT ran after he score was to me. "I scored a goal! Did you see it Mommy?" JT exclaimed. Simply adorable.

 Post game ritual- snacks and juice box.

Coach as so happy didn't use his hands after his break, JT as rewarded with 2 stickers!

     Almost a month after this games, I am pleased to announce that JT's nickname has NOT stuck! He is doing so well with not using his hands as we continue to teach him about the game of soccer. I for one am so relieved this was just a learning curve.

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