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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sarah strutted her stuff on the catwalk for the Beech High School Fashion Show. This is the 2nd time she participated in the FCCLA event to help raise funds for this club she is involved in. Again, she had a great time with her friends and peers doing 2 shows in one day- one for the school and another in the evening that was longer and for families and friends.

This isn't simply a typical fashion show where you walk up and down the runway. The students practiced for hours the weekend before learning choreographed dances. They also had a freestyle part where pairs worked together to dance as they walked up the stage.
I know she had a great time and it looks like this officially kicks off the start of the hunt for "the dress" for Prom. Prom isn't until May, but I have been informed by my sweet Sarah that many have already purchased their dress or have at least gone shopping. I guess times have changed from when I went to Prom- I thought I went shopping the month prior, but its been a while.... I think a girls day of dress shopping is in the future!

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