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Monday, March 15, 2010

Life with a 9 month old

Life is great with our little 9 month old John Thomas. Never a dull moment or one where you can sit for very long, unless he's sleeping. I can begin to see the transition from baby hood to toddler hood starting to emerge. JT is into everything, curious about all things, tries to fit his body in the most odd places, and is "hands on/mouth on" anything we allow him to.

At his 9 month well check he weighed in just a bit under 23 pounds and is now 29 inches tall. Both of these place JT in the 75% in the growth chart and perfectly healthy.

Here are some photos to highlight what our little man is doing these days.

JT is in awe of the blue light on our computer. It just so happens to be our power button. Its like the blue calls out, "JT, come and touch must play with me." Our computer has been "shut down incorrectly" a few times this month as a result of this new found love.

JT continues to be the master crawler. He is quite fast now. We have seen him crawl like this crazy no knees stance when he's in the kitchen. Pretty sure it due to the fact there is tile in there and his knees get tender crawling on them. He has progressed to cruising along the furniture and anything that can support him, but I haven't snapped any pics of that yet, sorry!

This is JT's special little cupboard in the kitchen. Something I did for all of the girls-the cupboard that is filled with the Tupperware. When I am trying to cook and JT needs to be by my side, the door is opened and its his free reign to play in. He loves it!

This shows his favorite "toy" in the bunch-a
sliver mixing bowl. He loves banging on it and slamming it down on the floor- BANG BANG BANG!!!!

Eating is a major part of JT's life.He is now getting 3 meals a day of solid food and bottles in between. He continues to improve on acquiring his taste of veggies, though he is a fruit boy through and through. I love this pic of JT opening WIDE for his next bite- a sign that he's loving his meal.

JT is also learning how to drink from a sippy cup and self feed some food to himself. Both of which involve becoming quite messy- all part of the learning fun :) The feeding is coming along a lot faster than the sippy cup.

JT is still the drool master- look at that wet shirt! Gross!! He is by far the most drooly Apedaile kid. Most of the time he wears a bib otherwise we would be changing shirts 3 times a
day. Got to love that sweet face though :)

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