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Monday, March 29, 2010


Our youngest managed to be the first child to undergo surgery. JT had surgery for ear tubes this morning.

He has been fighting ear infections for the past 2 months to no avail. He had had many different oral antibiotics as well as a series of 3 injection antibiotics. When the shots didn't work, the Dr. said it was time for tubes and a visit to the ENT.

Everything came together quickly last week, which I took as a sign from God that it was perfect timing and the correct thing to do for JT.

I decided a great way to prepare for the surgery would be to get JT some new jammies for the surgery. We found a cute pair of Carter's PJ's that say "Mommy's Little Monster" I thought they were really cute and he will be able to wear them as its getting warmer and we will remember this day with his monster pjs.

Once we got to the surgery center, JT has been up for almost 2 hours. We ended up waiting about another hour before we were called to the back to prepare for his surgery. Poor JT was so hungry- about 12 hours since he last ate- and tired he was getting a little cranky. He kept yawning which was so adorable and we knew he would love nothing more than a nice warm bottle. We felt bad not being able to give it to him then, but JT handled it well.

Once the nurses came to take JT to the operating room, John and I went to the waiting room. Only 15 minutes later the Dr emerged saying it was a success! JT had a lot of fluid the Dr sucked out and then placed the tubes in each ear. We had to wait about another 15 minutes before I were able to go to the recovery room. JT was pretty fussy- he was out of sorts and you could tell he wasn't sure what the heck was going on. The nurses remarked at how strong JT was because he was kind of fidgety in their arms. I got a chuckle as I have known how strong JT has been since he was a kicking machine when inside of me! I was able to hold JT in a nice recliner and feed him his much needed bottle. JT settled down quickly and slowly sucked the formula down.

Once back at home JT was pretty sleepy and took 2 great naps during the day. When he was down playing before nap #2, he seemed still a little loopy from the anesthesia and was more unsteady than normal, but to be expected from what we were told. By dinner, JT was his usual busy self cruising along furniture, making messes, and loving life :) We go back to the ENT in one week for a recheck.

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