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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dada 3 - Momma 1

An exciting time for all parents is when their child starts to babble and say their first words. JT has now begun in full force to have his sweet babbles turn into his first word. When each of the girls did this, their first words was DaDa. It didn't upset me, as I know that the "da" sound is usually formed before the "ma" sound in language development and it wasn't a sign of the girls loving John more than I.

However, it delighted me that JT's first word was MaMa! I was fully expecting to hear the DaDa once again and have been practicing it along with other simple words each day. In addition to saying the words, we have been teaching sign language to JT.

There has been studies that suggest that babies can sign simple words at a much younger age than when they can verbalize it. So, from about 5 months of age, we have been signing a select grouping of words to JT, knowing eventually he will learn them and be able to communicate with us. Words such as: more, all done, milk (for bottle/feeding time), Mommy, Daddy, and thank you.

It was an extra special treat last night as JT signed Mommy for the very first time!!! I was cleaning up after dinner and John was talking to JT saying Momma. He's been saying it for about a week and we haven't been able to capture it on video. Then John says, "Vic, get in here!" So I grabbed the camera ready to finally get it captured. Then to my great surprise, I saw JT sign Mommy as he said Momma!! It was so exciting to see. I think his best signing is at the beginning of the video when its a bit blurry, but he did it a few more times. I hope you are as excited as we were!!
An example of what the sign Mommy looks like: you tap your thumb to your chin with open hand.

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