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Monday, March 22, 2010

Not for Germ Freaks

I have given you all full warning with this post title. It's not disgusting, but for those who have control issues with their kids and germs, this probably isn't a post for you :)

JT is now old enough to sit in a high chair when we dine out. Nice break for my arms and I attempt to eat while keeping JT distracted with toys, Kix, crackers, bread, or small bites from my meal. He has done quite well for the handful of times we have gone out.

However, he does have this love for chewing on kind of gross things. Like the menu and the table. JT loves tables! Looking at it from his view, it's right at his mouth and eye level, it fits perfectly in his mouth and I imagine it feels and tastes quite yummy. I have tried to get him to stop, pulled him away from the table/menu, said "No No", or "no table", and offered him snacks instead. Nothing really works until he gets his fill of table. I do wipe it down with a wipe and then again with a clean napkin, but I'm sure there are things there that are gross. I just ignore those thoughts within reason and pray God will protect him.

Though this is a gross stage JT is going through, I'm sure it is one we will be telling his future bride one day of what he used to do when he was a baby and laugh it up!

JT can do it with or without hands.....

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