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Monday, July 26, 2010

It's So Hot You Could.....

It seems like we are in the dogs days of summer here in Middle Tennessee. It has been unbearably hot and humid for weeks with no relief in sight. This past weekend we reached some of the highest temperatures in some time, 97 on Saturday and 96 on Sunday. Combine that with the typical 40-50% humidity during the peak daytime highs and that makes for one miserable, uncomfortable day!

Lindsay had asked if she could try cooking an egg on our driveway this weekend to see if the saying were true: It's so hot you could fry an egg on the driveway.

Lindsay decided she wanted to cook her eggs two ways: 1. directly on the driveway and 2. one in a little foil bowl that was placed on the driveway- to see if the reflective properties cooked the egg quicker than on the driveway.

She placed her eggs outside about 2 pm, the start of the hottest time of day. We checked about 30 minutes after and saw some changes already, by about an hour into it, the edges of the egg were beginning to get firm. After about 2 hours both of the yolks had a firm texture and the whites were more clear.We couldn't see any "white" to the eggs. By the looks of it, the foil cup did a better overall job at cooking the egg- cooked more evenly, firmer,etc. Lindsay had fun seeing that her little experiment worked. The best thing was at the end of it, she had a great snack to eat! Nah, I'm just kidding :) Couldn't resist!

Lindsay setting up her experiment...

After 20 minutes, the white is firm to touch
20 minutes some yolk cooking in shallow spots
After 1 hour yolk on driveway spreading both continue to cook.
The final result- a yummy snack-for the birds, bunnies, and squirrels.

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