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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Young Stud

There is a saying I have heard either John say or many other sports fans say: "They grow them big in the South." So far with our 1 and only who is southern born and raised, the saying is true.

First, earlier this week JT all of a sudden started using his little basketball hoop. We were playing Phase10 (fun card game) with the girls and JT was playing happily in the living room right next to us. Then all of a sudden I heard a "different" noise so I looked up to see JT sitting in front of his hoop playing with his ball over and over. He had never done this before nor had we tried to show him how to do it! We were excited over his new accomplishment. So after we all watched him for a few minutes, I decided that I should video this moment. I did get a few "dunks" but he wasn't interested in performing for the camera for very long. A future athlete in training I'm sure....

This next video also just kind of happened with how JT was behaving. We had just finished doing some "big" shopping and bought some laundry detergent and fabric softener. Being a family of 6, we usually get larger sizes so we aren't buying the stuff every week :) We had not put the purchases back in the laundry room and JT thought he needed to try to help out. All of a sudden what does he do? He lifts up the darn stuff!!! This was pretty heavy considering he is just 13 months old and probably weighs a good 7-10 pounds I'm guessing- it is a 84 load size bottle. I'm assuming we will be reporting in before the end of the year JT lifting up his crib at this rate- ha ha!

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