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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Boredom

While all of the girls are enjoying their summer vacation, there are moments of boredom. At times I'm told, "There's nothing to do. I'm bored." Depending on my mood, I can either offer some suggestions or respond that there are plenty of things that need cleaning. If I throw out the cleaning option, they almost always find something else to do. Why is that? :)

Well, this summer Courtney and Lindsay found their own solution to cure their boredom- make a pinata! JT had some diaper boxes and they looked up how to make homemade paste. The girls made strips from newspaper and off they went to create their pinata. This took several hours and the nice thing about having older children is they don't make quite as large of a mess and they can pick up after themselves. After they completed pasting the paper on the box, they set it outside for a day to dry completely. Then they cut up construction paper into confetti and placed a few toy trinkets for prizes.

It took several attempts to finally make time to play with their pinata. Rainy weather, a sister who wasn't here for some reason, first attempt to hang in the tree was unsuccessful,too late in the day...Much to Lindsay's delight, we- minus Sarah who was on a date- the pinata was hung and the kids got to swing the bat.

The girls let JT take some swings first since he loves his plastic bats. He did hit it a few times but was much more excited about running around in the lawn. 

Lindsay was next and she made some pretty good damage.

Then before anything broke open, we let Courtney have her turn. She clearly had fun giving it her all and broke the pinata open and out of its rope.

 After that, we let the girls go wild with the bats, keeping JT safely at a distance.

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