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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Senior Pictures- Take One!

Yesterday, Sarah went to have her Senior pictures taken at a local studio. I said Take One in the title because this will be the first shoot, but not her official Senior pictures. For this photo shoot, it is the studio the school designates for their yearbook, so if you want to be in the book, you have to go and have fancier senior pictures done over the summer. The thing is, I guess clever by the studio, if you want to be in the yearbook you have to book a session that costs at least $25, so they take yearbook, cap and gown, and 1 "casual" set of pictures. Then of course they will send the proofs to you and they are hoping to get an order with beautiful photos of your beloved child. Who doesn't want to be in the yearbook? So even if you don't order anything, they have you for a little bit of money. A little sneaky if you ask me, but hey what can I do? :)

We have already made arrangements for a dear friend of ours to take Sarah's official photos. She does awesome work and I think it will turn out much more personal and less studio-ie if that's a word- he he. Once the weather cools down a bit, we will be taking her photos outdoors at a couple different locations. Doing Sarah's pictures yesterday made me all the more excited to have her "real" photos taken so we can order them and share with the family!

I took some pictures of Sarah's photo shoot, her different looks, and after it was over, we used her camera to recreate some of the casual shots. I still can't believe we have a Senior in the house! Where has the time gone? John and I are so proud of the beautiful, intelligent young lady God graced us with to be our firstborn. Enjoy seeing the beginning of her Senior pictures- more to come in the future....

This will be her yearbook "look" all the girls have black draping
This was her casual look for today.
Taking some of the yearbook shots
A glimpse into what this year holds...
Class of '11!!!

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