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Thursday, April 7, 2011

22 Months

I can hardly believe that we are only 2 months away from JT's 2nd birthday!!! We continue to love having our active, car loving, Cailliou fanatic, book reading little boy.

     This past month, JT has really started to emerge with his language abilities. Granted there are a lot of words that only we can understand but every day, JT is saying something new and perfecting words he already knows.

 Not surprising, JT LOVES being outside! With spring emerging, we have had some beautiful days. Here JT is having a blast walking Dexter. Or maybe having fun with Dexter walking him :) He also loves going to our side yard and throwing rocks into the usually dry creek bed. However, JT doesn't understand that we all need to come inside eventually and a brief tantrum usually ensues. Ah the joys of being a parent to a toddler...

     As for stats, JT is now between 30-31 pounds. He is quite the hoss :) He is a solid boy through and through. It makes it easier when he's being his rough and tumble self to better handle any slips and falls.

All cars or trucks all the time...

JT becoming more aware that I am taking his picture and often asks to "see JT"

Here is a brief video when I was talking to JT and having him say our names. It's not his best "performance", but as of right now, it was the only video blogger wanted to upload :)

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