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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


He has risen!!!! He has risen indeed!!! In celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, the Apedaile family celebrated Easter this past weekend. 

We stared off with church service on Saturday evening. We attempted some photos of the kids outside our house afterward. It sure is hard to get a group picture with JT looking at the camera and smiling.

Easter morning! The kids waited patiently on the stairs while Mom and Dad got set up with the camera.

The baskets!!! Left to right- youngest to oldest...

JT immediately spotted the new matchbox cars in his basket.

Followed by the giraffe and horse...

We managed to get JT to sit for a group shot. Again struggling with looking at the camera- he had better things to do than pose for me.

Lindsay and the next "Sisters Grimm" book in the series she is reading.

Some new movies for Sarah to watch!

Courtney with her stuffed lamb...

JT's pillow pet- he has been trying to "steal" the one Courtney got for Christmas from Nanny.

After baskets, it was time for the egg hunt. It was indoors as the weather has been quite stormy recently.

Later in the day, we dyed eggs! Yes, we like to do things a bit backward here :) We usually hide plastic eggs and with our schedule and JT going to bed early during the week, we ran out of time to do them before Easter!

JT had a great time dipping and stirring his eggs...

Not only was this JT's first time to dye Easter eggs, it was Doug's first time too!!!

Doug and Sarah

After coloring his eggs, JT placed stickers on his eggs. He worked quite hard to place them in the perfect place.

You can't dye eggs and not get your fingers colored!

Courtney and her blue fingers.

Lindsay sporting green fingers!

JT found another fun thing to do with the egg stickers- put them all over his body!!!

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