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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Letter of Intent

We celebrated a very special event this week! Sarah had her official letter of intent signing ceremony with Campbellsville University. If you are wondering what exactly this means and why Sarah signed a letter of intent, let me explain. Sarah will be a collegiate athlete playing on the Women's Bowling team!!!  With her signing this letter of intent, this means that she is committing to enroll at Campbellsville University and play for their team. 

In having the ceremony, this provides good exposure for both the high school as well as Campbellsville. It also gave our family a moment to recognize the hard work and effort that Sarah has put into her high school career. For all of her hard work, Sarah has earned an excellent academic and athletic scholarship package from the university.

Pictured above seated next to Sarah are Coach John Rausch from Campbellsville, Sarah's future bowling coach, center top row is Coach Steve Delk from Beech High, Sarah's bowling coach for the past two years, and far right Principal Cardwell from Beech High school.

You might have noticed that John was missing from the photo. It wasn't due to him not wanting to be there. His sister suffered a stroke last week and he was in California helping his family out. 

Signed and official!!!

Sarah's current and future bowling coaches!

Several of Sarah's bowling team members and friends came to the ceremony to celebrate. Pictured here with Kaylea.

Sarah and Hannah. If I had to guess, Hannah can easily earn a bowling scholarship of her own in 2 years. She is quite the talent!

Sarah with Laurie and Katie.

Sarah's boyfriend Doug came to cheer her on as well!

A photo of the Apedaile kids at the little after signing party. JT wasn't interested in pictures, he wanted more of the mini cupcakes being served :)
 Sarah and her proud Mom.

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