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Friday, April 15, 2011

Yard of Wishes

We have had a beautiful week of weather! That meant most afternoons have been spent outside. JT and his friend Finn had a great time with our yard that is full of Dandelions. Though the yard looks quite unsightly, the boys squeals of delight as they blow their flowers easily makes up for our lack of lush green lawn.

We also found a piece of chalk for JT to use (Finn wanted to push the truck in the yard instead)

JT had a great time drawing on the patio. If we told him to draw something, he would proceed to chalk a few lines and then announce what he drew- boat, car, JT,etc.

JT paused for a moment when he heard an airplane fly overhead. I love how he will stop and then place his finger to his ear when he hears something unexpected.

Here is our little wish maker earlier this week. Yes he was shorts-less because his sister changed his diaper and figured he didn't need his bottoms back on :)

Here Finn is making his wish.

JT has great form with his blowing!

Finn also loved carrying around all of the Dandelions whether they were missing their flower of not :)

A video of JT in action with the Dandelions

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