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Monday, May 2, 2011

From Shaggy to Swishy

     I hope the post title peaked your interest for today's post. What could it be about you ask? Hair of course!!! This past weekend, JT had a long overdue haircut. His hair was quite long, which we didn't mind, it seemed to suit is personality well. However, JT's shagginess was hanging in his eyes and warmer weather is near, so a trim was in order.

     Before the cut, JT had some fun outside chalking and playing outside. Here are some pictures showing his long hair as well as his sweet smile.

     After we returned home after his haircut and a much needed nap, JT continued to play outside since it was such a beautiful day. Here is his new swishy hair. I call it swishy because his sisters refer to the more current style for boys with longer "swishy" bangs. We kept JT's hair slightly on the longer side, though it's noticeably shorter. I think it also makes JT look older too, a reminder that 2 is just around the corner.

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