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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Senior Recognition and Baccalaureate

     Sunday kicked off Graduation week for Sarah! She officially graduates on Saturday and is finished with school tomorrow. Sunday at church all of the seniors who wanted to participate were a part of the Senior Recognition service. It was simply a brief calling of names with a picture slide show as you see below. As their names were called, the Student Ministry Pastor presented each student with a new study Bible. Sarah was excited because it was the very Bible she had been considering purchasing as her's is falling apart from her frequent use.

     Then later that afternoon, our church held the Baccalaureate service. How it was for us is any Senior that wanted to be a part of the service, regardless of what school they attend could be a part of the service. So it is an optional event that is mainly geared toward those who attend Long Hollow. When I graduated (Oh so long ago), the Baccalaureate service was a school event held at a local church. It was nice, but it was school orientated rather than church oriented. I thought this style was more personal and quite touching.

Sarah wore her cap and gown to the Baccalaureate service. She was excited to give her "cap hair" a trial run for the big show on Saturday.

Photos with friends...

 Flashing their '11's!

 Sarah, Emily and Paige with their 2 Sunday School teachers.

Cute heart hands...


Proud Parents

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