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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

     Mother's Day wasn't quite what I envisioned this year. It wasn't awful but not the relaxing, carefree day I imagined :)

     John had a flight that morning as he is out of town in Wisconsin all this week for work. JT had been fighting a reaction of some sort to his medication and had stomach cramping along with constant diarrhea which lead to a very tender bottom.So in essence it was a "single Mom" type day of wiping bottoms and doing the typical Mom stuff.

     I will say that John was so sweet to make Saturday an early Mother's Day. He grilled out, had a wonderful Strawberry Cake, and the girls got me a present. With JT not feeling well, most of the weekend was spent with the little guy in my arms. A Mother's job never stops-call it job security :)

     Before John left that morning, I asked if we could get some pictures of me with my sweet children for Mother's Day. We managed to get a few snaps in before we all headed to the airport or church. That afternoon while JT napped the girls and I watched what we call "girly shows" and Courtney painted my nails.

I love my 4 kids with all of my being and I am so thankful God placed them into my care.

 The "baby" John Thomas

 Our "baby girl" Courtney

 The tall one Lindsay. She's almost as tall as me!

 This one I chose with Sarah is our goofy pic. I need to use this one because in all of the other photos 1 of us had our eye shut- ha ha!

Love all of my kids!!!

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