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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This past weekend we purchased JT's first pool! It's just a little wading pool for JT to enjoy and cool off in the hot summer sun, but for him I'm sure it equals a ton of fun! While we have a community pool to enjoy, we thought having a personal pool for JT would allow me some flexibility as I care for a few children and if they happen to be napping, I can allow JT to have some water fun with either myself or his sisters watching him out in the backyard.

 Here is our handsome boy ready to get wet. I loved his little swim shirt and surf board trunks.

 Lindsay and JT posing for Mom outside of his pool.

 It didn't take long for JT to start splashing!

 His toy boat was perfect to play with in the water.

 Screaming with delight!

Here are 2 videos for you to enjoy. Email blog visitors, you will have to log in to see the videos. Just as a side note, the background buzz/hum that you might notice isn't lawnmowers- it is the millions of cicadas that have infested middle Tennessee! These bugs have made their 10 year appearance and they are at their peak from what I have read. There are so many, I can't even describe- the noise is unbelievable during the day and you can see their little red bodies flying about everywhere!

Lindsay teaching JT how to blow water bubbles.

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