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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The day finally arrived- Graduation! Something that seemed so far away when Sarah was born, yet came so quickly. This will be a photo heavy post as the pictures are pretty self explanatory.

Our Graduate!!!

 Yes that is a dress that I am sporting- not used to it, but I felt quite pretty in it :) Thanks to John for helping select the dress and Sarah with the necklace.

  "You better stay out of trouble!"

 JT wasn't in the best of photo taking moods, so he wasn't in very many :(

 Grandma and Grandpa C. (John's Mom and step Dad)

 The graduation services were held at our church, Long Hollow. This is a photo of the big screen showing Sarah marching in. I was also so thankful that our church ran a live feed online which allowed some of my family members to watch the service.

 We didn't get a lot of photos during the service because 1. Sarah was in the 2nd row, so we couldn't see her very well. 2. The lighting on the stage wasn't great for taking pictures.

 Walking up to the assistant principal to accept her diploma!

 Tassel to the left, we have a graduate!!!

 Holding her diploma

 Sarah and her boyfriend Doug.

 Sarah and Ariel

 Sarah and Delaney

 John went after the service with the girls to get JT who was spending some time at our friends house. Thanks so much Michael and Erin (Finn too!) for letting JT have fun at your house instead of being bored out of his mind with us.

 Doug, Grandma, Sarah, and Kameron

Me, Doug, Sarah, and Grandpa.

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