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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

23 Months

     I can hardly believe that John Thomas will only be 1 year old for 1 more month! Two is quickly approaching!!! As you can see with this picture above, JT is looking more like a 2 year old every day. I think his hair cut helped the cause as well.

     JT continues to be our little busy body, loving life to the fullest. Except for when we read, eat, and watch his favorite show Caillou, this boy is on the move! Check out his latest discovery below- standing on the window sill while leaning against the back of the couch. He thought he was quite the little stud when he figured this out!

     One of his new routines when it's bedtime is JT now selects the books we are going to read. While this might not sound nearly as adorable written, take my word, it is sweet to this Momma. I'll sit in the glider and ask JT which book we should read next. I'll then hold up a book for JT to consider and he will look at it, point his finger to the book and either say, "Noooo." while he himself pushes the book back in place or he will say "Yeah." (Sometimes followed by what he calls the book, like Go Cars Go is.. Car, car, car!!!) and he grabs the book, leans into my body and is now ready to be read to. I now also have to give a countdown as to how many books we have left to read because JT will ask for more until the wee hours of the morning :)

Blogger is being my friend tonight and let me upload 2 brief videos! Nothing really thrilling, but just a snip-it of the silliness toddlerhood brings out in JT. These 2 were after dinner one night and JT having some fun. 

At the end of this one, JT lets out a little burp :)

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