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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bedtime Songs

     One of my favorite parts of being JT's Mommy is doing his bedtime routine. I enjoy it because we get to spend a little bit of time cuddling, reading books, talking about the days events, and singing songs. Most every night I get to reflect on this sweet blessing God graced us with and how quickly he is growing. *Side note- I do reflect upon the girls as well, but I don't sing songs and read books on my lap every night :)

     The songs are the nightcap to our routine. They usually now take place while JT is laying in his bed and I'm getting him all cozy with blankets, taggies, and maybe a car or 2 to hold. Since I'm trying to work with JT's speech development I try to do something that will help him form his words or sounds. For a while now, we have been working on the ABC's. I discovered that singing the song like we all usually do wasn't very helpful. JT could pick up on the rhythm but the letters ended up getting all jumbled together. So instead we slowly say them to help with his sounds and learn the progression of the alphabet. He is doing quite well and many times if I say" B", JT will follow by saying "C". While this recording doesn't show his true ability to it's finest(Mr  Ham acts silly when I record) I just love hearing all the toddler ways of saying his letters.

     This next video is of the "Night Night" song I sing to JT every evening.It's a little song that I made up sung to the tune, Frere Jaques/Are You Sleeping. I have been singing this since JT moved into his own room/crib when he was about 4 months old. JT will now sing along with me or finish a line when I stop singing. So precious to this Mom. I hope you enjoy it.

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