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Friday, September 23, 2011

Spider Man

     For some time now, JT has known about Spider Man. How, I have NO idea! We have never seen a show, cartoon, book, anything except a few items it the store. He does have a pair of Spider Man sandals that he insisted on getting when selecting summer shoes. I guess the Spider Man image is very easy to recognize/remember at a young age. When JT sees a Spider Man item he will shout "Pider Man, Pider Man!!!"

     When at the store recently, John found a toddler Spider Man costume and JT was excited. Thinking maybe this is what JT could dress up for Halloween, John tried on the Spider Man mask on JT.

 Adorable Spider Man! Ready to fight injustice!

     We bought the costume, right? NO! A few seconds after I took the photo above this is what happened.....
JT wan't a fan of the mask and his Mommy had to snap a picture of his misery before taking it off.

     I think we might need to try and find a costume without any masks, hats, or things to wear on the face this year......

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